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News: Latest Photo Featured as ‘Photo of the Day’ Online ~ Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and Anemone

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and AnemoneAs I mentioned last week, several of my photos have been selected as a Photo of the Day for Light and Composition Magazine. See the latest photo, “Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and Anemone” featured on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

This photo was featured just last week on May 2, 2011,  here in the PhotoBlog. “Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and Anemone”  is also now entered as a contestant for Photo of the Month for May 2011. You may vote for it by visiting the link below and ‘liking’ through Facebook, ‘retweeting’ through Twitter, ‘liking’ on StumbleUpon or by making a comment.

Photo of the Day | May 7, 2011 | Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and Anemone by Elizabeth Brown

Story Behind the Photo: Percula Clownfish and Anemone

Percula Clownfish and Anemone at the Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

One of the best examples of a symbiotic relationship is that of a clownfish and an anemone. Also known as ‘anemonefish’, this particular variety, ‘percula’ (amphiprion percula) was made extremely popular after the Disney movie, Finding Nemo, and I would venture to say is a staple at most public aquariums. Clownfish are the only fish that are immune to the stinging tentacles of anemones thanks to a protective mucus on their scales. They are also very territorial and therefore help to protect the anemone from fish that would eat the anemone. In return, the clownish eats the algae and “leftovers” that the anemone is unable to eat providing a convenient source of food. This clownfish and anemone were photographed at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL.

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Story Behind the Photo: Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico near Clearwater Beach, FL

Although the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most common of the dolphin species, it’s always fun to see one. Last weekend on outing into the Gulf with my family, we had the good fortune to see a pod of several dolphin near our boat. After stopping for a few minutes to get a better look at them as they were feeding, I realized that it was the first time I had actually heard a dolphin. Because I usually see dolphin from the shore, the soundtrack is usually a seagull or two and the sound of the waves hitting beach in the background. On this afternoon, as each dolphin in the group surfaced there was the unmistakable sound of them breathing through their blowholes making it a real treat. This photo was taken about 15 miles off shore of Clearwater Beach, FL.Click here to buy a print and view the entire collection

Story Behind the Photo: Porcupinefish

Porcupinefish at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL

On a recent trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL, this Porcupinefish seemed to be posing for pictures. It came right up to the glass and at one point was pushing it’s nose up against the glass gently as if it wanted a better look at me. Porcupinefish can expand to twice their size vertically by taking in water or air and becoming nearly round with their spines radiating outwards. Native to Florida, the Porcupinefish can reach lengths of up to 36 inches long in the wild. This Porcupinefish was photographed in the Coral Reef exhibit, which is modeled after coral formations in the Dry Tortugas off the Florida Keys.  With their friendly faces and large round eyes, it’s hard not to find them entertaining to watch. Click here to buy a print and view the entire collection